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Children of planet Earth

against war!

The American charity organization BSC is conducting a worldwide campaign to collect video appeals from children and teenagers living on planet Earth to the Russian authorities demanding that they stop the war in Ukraine, withdraw all troops from there and stop killing their peers.

How you can contribute?

How to start

Our young friends and their parents! Each of you has a phone with a video camera. You know and love to record on video all sorts of interesting fragments of your life, take pictures of places you like and some funny things. Your smartphone has been your friend and assistant for a long time.

Record video

Let's turn it on again to record your video appeal to the Russian government, to Russian generals and personally to Mr. Putin, who many months ago started killing children and their parents on the territory of an innocent country called Ukraine. You can ask, plead, demand or order the Russian killers to leave the good and beautiful Ukrainians alone. They are not guilty of anything... Tell them that you hate war, fear the sight of blood and want to live too.

Spread the word

We will collect all your videos in one file and then we will show those to the Kremlin authorities. This is the name of the place where Russian President Putin lives. We hope that your words will have some effect on him, he will hear the voices of millions of children and stop killing people.

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