Let’s Help the People of Ukraine Restore Destroyed Schools.


At the end of 2022, the Blue Sky Charity International Foundation officially began its work in the United States. It is registered in the state of Florida. Its founders are Russian journalist Alexander Gerasimov and entrepreneur Pyotr Shrader.


Blue Sky Charity intends to raise funds to help the Ukrainian people resist Russian aggression, restore social and cultural facilities destroyed by Putin’s army, and support anti-Kremlin media to reflect Putin’s propaganda. 


Today, 10 percent of all schools in the country are in Russian-occupied Ukrainian lands. The Ukrainian Ministry of Education reports that about 340 educational institutions have been completely destroyed, with a total of more than 2,400 schools damaged. Work has already begun in the liberated territories to rebuild what has been destroyed and to build new buildings for the education of Ukrainian children. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his government are devoting considerable attention to this important cause. Visiting one of the destroyed schools in the liberated city of Irpen, Zelensky said that Ukraine is working to rebuild every educational institution that has been damaged by the Russian occupiers. Today, due to regular rocket attacks by the Putin’s army on the Ukrainian energy system, hundreds of schools and kindergartens are closed due to lack of electricity, water, and heating. The living standards of Ukrainian families are plummeting. According to the World Bank, by the end of next year some 55 percent of the population will fall below the poverty line. That is, every second pupil of Ukraine will live not only without the opportunity to study, but also in a state of hunger, without clothes and human conditions for life.


According to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine today, about two million two hundred Ukrainian children are on distance learning due to their inability to attend school. In all, there are about four million students in the country. 


During the Russian aggression, more than 1,200 children suffered, among whom about 400 children were killed by Putin’s army.


We believe that every decent person on our planet should, to the best of their ability, help Ukraine to rebuild destroyed schools, return Ukrainian children to their classrooms and help fight Putin’s cannibalistic regime.


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