Mission of Our Time

Against war!

Blue Sky Charity was founded in 2022 in the United States with a noble goal – to assist civilians suffering from military conflicts and to help restore social and cultural values destroyed in combat. We also actively support the spread of democratic media to counter disinformation and propaganda.

Our Foundation

Among the founders are sincere defenders of freedom and democracy, Russian citizens who have settled in the USA, including the renowned journalist Alexander Gerasimov and businessman Peter Shraider. Together with our support group, they are convinced that everyone has the strength and ability to oppose injustice and tyranny.

Our Actions

The primary activities of Blue Sky Charity focus on raising funds for material and psychological support for victims of military actions and their families. We aim to restore not just buildings, but also the spirit of communities through the reconstruction of schools, kindergartens, churches, museums, art galleries, libraries, hospitals, and homes for the elderly affected by conflicts.

Our Vision for the Future

We believe that the days of dictatorships and crimes against humanity are doomed to failure. The time will come when needy countries and peoples will embark on the path of revival and peace. Blue Sky Charity is committed to accelerating this process and providing relief to those in need.

Join us in our fight for a bright future for every individual, for a society free from fear and suppression, where democracy and freedom are paramount.

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